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About Homestead Medical Experts

The company was started as an answer to a problem. Connecting experienced, quality medical experts witnesses with attorneys in need of their knowledge.  While doing so, we found an efficient workflow utilizing certain technologies to make the physicians job as efficient as possible.  Homestead handles all administrative duties for the experts associated with scheduling, correspondence, billing and providing secure medical record/report transfer. This allows the physicians to have the information streamlined for them. Attorneys benefit by dealing with just one person to communicate efficiently to the doctors. Homestead provides your case personal attention and helps facilitate anything in regards to expert needs until the case has settled.

Services range from extensive medical record review and independent medical exams as well as Expert Witness and Testimony. Our physicians are unbiased, trusted and respected.  All the experts are willing to hear cases from both plaintiff and defense for consideration.   Most attorneys have a positive experience working with us because our current technology workflow gives us the ability to eliminate turnaround time and drive down costs.

The attorneys see savings by:

  • Eliminating the physical delivery of records/reports ergo eliminating printing, delivery charges and the wait time associated to this.
  • Spending less time on the phone attempting to relay information to an expert by Homestead acting as an intermediary.
  • Less time finding an expert.


Office Location:

Homestead Medical Experts

116 Village Boulevard, Suite 200

Princeton, NJ 08540

P. (877) 244-3703
F. (888) 974-0184

Homestead Medical Experts
116 Village Boulevard
Suite 200
Forrestal Village
Princeton, NJ 08540

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