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Homestead Medical Experts

We make it simple to find your Medical Expert Witness. Click the Request Expert Witness below to be put in touch free of charge.

Online Case Collaboration Portal

We use the latest technology and proprietary software to bring our clients the highest quality experience while working with our experts.


Secure Electronic Record/Report Transfer

By utilizing technology, we’ve fine-tuned a workflow that eliminates the need to print or pay to ship medical records.

Free Case Management

Each expert comes along with their own Homestead Expert Case Manager to assist with introductions as well as scheduling, medical records and acting as the doctors secretary.

High Impact Report/Testimony

The experts have a passion for crafting high impact reports with low turnaround times.

Clinicians In All Medical Specialties

Our network of providers keeps growing everyday. We have physicians, nurses and other medical experts in every specialty.

Homestead Medical Experts are experienced medical experts who provide Independent Medical Exams, Expert Witness, Record Review and Testimony.  We offer free consultation with each case referral. This allows you to speak with the medical professionals for a few minutes about the direction of the case and to decide if the expert is a good fit for your case.  Homestead acts as a front desk to all of these physicians which makes it easy for our clients to communicate and coordinate with the experts. Homestead also handles all scheduling, record acquisition and billing for the experts. We use current technologies that cut down on turnaround time and cost for our clients.   Allowing attorneys to focus more on their case and less on case management.

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We Are a Company Managing Medical Professionals Who Provide Expert Legal Services