Introductions That Give Back

Do you know a firm or attorney that could benefit from our services? We believe the greatest compliment that we could receive is for you to refer us to another firm or organization. If you introduce them to us and they retain an expert within a month, we will pay for 10% of your next retained expert’s court fees.

Simply fill out the referral form to the right and let your peer or colleague know you’ve referred them to us.  One of our helpful client relations managers will be in touch them shortly.

If you refer an associate or colleague from outside your organization to us and they successfully retain an expert, we will pay for 10% of the court fees for the next expert you retain with Homestead Medical Experts.  Referrer may use offer on any case within a year of making referral.  Offer is limited to two referrals per law firm. Homestead Medical Expert’s Refer-A-Peer Bonus Promotion ends April 30, 2021.