What is a Retention Evaluation?

Our proprietary retention evaluation was designed with your clients best interests in mind. The evaluation is compromised of series of Interviews with both the defendant as well as their collateral. We take our time to learn about your clients life, work history, family and community ties.  Afterwards, a thorough report will be furnished to the hiring attorney or client. In the end, the Judge or prosecutor will have a clear idea of who your client is and whether they pose a risk for release. Feel free to give us a call with questions about your client and whether a retention evaluation is a good fit.

What is on our retention evaluation?

  • Family History
  • Relationship Status
  • Support Systems
  • Mental Status/General Appearance
  • Suicidal/Homicidal Risk Assessment
  • Discharge/Release Planning

Why use Homestead Medical Experts?

  • Comprehensive Retention Evaluation
  • 36-48 hour turnaround; non-emergent options
  • 24/7 Phone or Email Bail Support
  • Network of Social Workers across New Jersey
  • Spanish speaking

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