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Initial Medical Record Analysis

Homestead Medical Experts core team will analyze the medical record and assess if the case has merit, keeping in mind of your deadlines. We will also make suggestions on possible experts that might be needed for a successful outcome.

The service is performed by a team of nurses and administrators. To get started, fill out the form below and one of our medical case managers will be in touch.

Why Choose Homestead?

Save Money

  • Secure Electronic Record Keeping and Transfer Saving Costs of Shipping
  • Free Initial Medical/Legal Review from Paralegals with Medical Backgrounds
  • Free Initial Case Consultation with Expert
  • Affordable Paralegal Medical/Legal Reviews
  • Avoid Hiring Wrong Expert
  • Determine If There is a Case Before Spending Thousands

Quality Experts 

  • Unbiased Experts
  • Argument Supporting Reports
  • Years of Experience Giving Testimony

Specialties and Sup-Specialties 

  • Experts In All Medical Specialties
  • Experts in Sup-Specialties
    • Arnold Chiari Malformation
    • Diffusion Tensor Imaging
    • Neuroradiologist