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Strategic Alliance Program

Homestead Medical Experts is proud to offer a tailored program to meet the needs of our clients as they adjust to changes within our industry. The Strategic Alliance Program provides our partners with the opportunity to standardize their expert witness recruiting and retention for the entire firm.

Lowered Costs

Our company was built light and in the cloud, which means less overhead for us to carry. These cost savings are translated to lower expert costs while delivering higher quality.

Simplified Billing

No matter how many experts are retained or what services rendered, you receive only one itemized invoice each month.  This will cut out all of the hours spent sending out checks to experts.

Specialized Recruitment

When we don’t have the right expert for the case,  we will find the highest quality medical professional through our personalized recruitment team.

Quality, Vetted Experts

Our free referral service ensures that every single expert sent over is the highest quality medical professional. Because if we do not succeed, we do not have a business. 

Efficiency of Effort

We are aware of the amount of time it takes to find a unique expert. The phone calls, the follow-ups and the gatekeepers. Allow us to give you those hours back.


Dedicated Case Widget

Make the process as easy as possible. Homestead Medical Experts will create a dedicated case submission portal for you and your firm.


“We offer more than quality expert witnesses. We offer a partnership through our strategic alliance program”

– Seth lefberg, Founder and CEO


Your deadlines are our deadlines.

Homestead Medical Experts knows how important rapid, friendly communication can be for good workflow between you and the experts we provide. With  every referral, a dedicated case manager will be assigned to facilitate communication and work diligently with the experts to ensure all casework is completed and deadlines are met.




Homestead Medical Experts believes our customer service and case management are our strongest traints. We simply provide the very best referrals, expert recruiting, case management and dedicate Client Relations so that your firm can focus on what’s most important: your clients and winning cases.


We understand the demands these changes are creating for our clients and are reacting with urgency to address and support the community.  We appreciate the renewed importance of your partnerships to save money, create efficiencies and be as responsive as you and your firm demands.


“Every one of our new client’s experience the conceirge service that our current clients have come to expect”

– Seth lefberg, Founder and CEO

Suite of Tools & Resources

Homestead Medical Experts offers a complete suite of services to our clients.

  • Expert Witnesses
  • Record Reviews
  • Medical Exams
  • Review for Merit by our Team of RNs
  • Personalized Case Portal

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