Homestead Medical Experts

Attorneys have a positive experience working with us because our current technology workflow allows us the ability to eliminate turnaround time and drive down costs.

Unbiased, Unrivaled Expert Witnesses

All the experts are willing to review and consider cases from both plaintiff and defense.  We pride ourselves on the ability to continue unbiased, trusted consulting and expertise.


Secure Electronic Record/Report Transfer

By utilizing technology, we’ve fine-tuned a workflow that eliminates the need to print or pay to ship medical records.

Tried, Trusted and Unbiased

The experts at Homestead are fair, unbiased and willing to consider cases from both sides of the aisle.

High Impact Report/Testimony

The experts have a passion for crafting high impact reports with low turnaround times.

Experts In All Medical Specialties

Our network of providers keeps growing everyday. We have physicians in every specialty.

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We Are a Company Managing Medical Professionals Who Provide Expert Legal Services