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Homestead Medical Experts offers expert witness services, connecting experienced and qualified medical experts with attorneys and insurance carriers for their cases. Our medical expert witness company recruits and arranges complimentary conference calls with the prospective medical legal experts of your choice. You only pay when you’re ready to retain your expert and after a thorough breakdown that leaves you more than comfortable with the selection. We’re an expert witness provider throughout the United States, giving you access to professionals for all medical cases of all kinds.

Vetted Experts

Our professionals are all vetted medical experts in their fields and are sourced from around the country, so you can be sure that Homestead Medical Experts will get you in touch with witnesses that are well-versed on any topic you might require.

Specialized Recruitment

At Homestead Medical Experts, we ensure our clients get the right expert for their case, even if that means we need to recruit. Our specialized recruitment team will quickly track down, vet, and communicate with the right expert. 

We Cover Your Law Firm From Start to Finish

Homestead Medical Experts puts everything in the palm of our own hands, offering loads of support throughout the entire process. From finding the perfect medical expert witness to fighting medical malpractice cases, our efforts make fighting and thriving through cases easier than ever before.

How do we do it? Our medical expert witness company stands out from the rest not just by collecting the best medical experts in the world. We also foster growth via case management, detailed analysis, and attention to detail that leaves you absolutely certain you’re working with the best. 

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Expert Witnesses

We have a robust and highly-qualified network of medical experts to serve as your legal medical expert witnesses.

Medical Exams

Our medical expert witness company works with over a thousand providers nationwide who perform psych exams and independent medical exams among the many others we offer.

Record Reviews

A thorough medical record review for deviations in the standard of care is a vital part of your medical malpractice case.

Case Management

Free case management is included with every expert retained from Homestead Medical Experts.

Specialized Recruitment

Our specialized recruitment team will quickly find, vet, and set you up with the right medical expert regardless of your case demands.

Case Merit

Our team will analyze the medical records and assess if the case has merit, all while keeping your deadlines in mind.

All Types of Medical Experts

We have a network of actively practicing board-certified medical experts in every specialty with some of our most frequently used below:


Free Consultations

Trust & Value

Trust and value are integral parts of any partnership. When working with our medical expert witness company, know that we’re constantly looking to align you with precisely what you need. It’s our job to deliver on both our trust and the value we promise to our clients, and we attempt to do this in numerous ways. Here are some of the ways we guide attorneys to medical experts and insurance providers that help secure a winning edge:

  • Referring Cases to Our Clients
  • A Dedicated Case Manager
  • Blog Content
  • Thorough Breakdowns and Analysis of Cases

“Thank you, Seth. I really enjoy working with your group and will send another email to my office reminding them about your service and how great you have all been to work with.

“Incredibly responsive and quick turnaround when I need it the most.  Sometimes I can speak with an expert the same day”

Homestead Experts find and provide quality experts fast.  Their staff is friendly, responsive, and wants to learn about the types of experts I want to work with.

Will absolutely use you again. Really like the way you guys operate.

Find Medical Expert Witnesses for Any Case 

The nation’s leading provider of medical expert witnesses, Homestead Medical Experts was designed just for attorneys. You can find the perfect medical expert for your case by utilizing our expansive tools and resources you can’t find anywhere else.

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Our medical expert witness company only provides access to the best of the best. That means professionals for personal injury cases, experts in pain management, and board-certified physicians that back up their words with credentials. As a result, attorneys can focus on doing what they know how to do and leave medical issues to nurses and experts in neurology, psychology, and plenty of other medical fields. It’s this level of detail that helps save you time and puts every case in a better position for success.

To find medical expert witnesses, simply request an expert below. We’ll reach out within 24 hours to keep you informed of our process, prioritizing transparency that helps us stand apart from the competition. Or utilize our expert witness screening services, which offer access to detailed analysis of your experts’ case history and other information demonstrating an expert’s qualifications for your case.

Are you working on a case with tight time constraints? We’ll expedite the process to make sure you have an outstanding expert in your back pocket for any situation. No matter the need, our team functions to achieve the desired result for all clients.

Let Our Expert Witness Referral Service Review All Case Records

One of the most important parts of any case, Homestead knows to prioritize record reviews to dot every “i” and cross every “t.” We’ll work with a qualified physician or medical professional specific to your case to screen records for medical malpractice, identify strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of the litigation, and develop strategies that lead to success.

Receive your requests verbally or have them organized in written format — whatever helps you best understand what you’re fighting against. Reviews are all delivered within two weeks, giving enough time to work out a strategy for success. At any time, you can refer to our board-certified medical practitioners for support when needed. Submit an expert record review with a case summary, and our expert witness referral service will be in touch when we have what you need.

Lean on Homestead Medical Experts — the Expert Witness Provider Every Attorney Needs

When suspected hospital negligence leaves you fighting for a client in need, turn to an expert witness provider designed to put you in a prime position for success. Homestead Medical Experts aligns you with surgical experts, legal nurse services, and a comprehensive set of medical professionals for any case.

Arrange a quality expert for your case today. Our staff is here for you always, and you’ll feel our expertise with quick response times on behalf of all clients. Schedule a meeting today with a client relations manager from Homestead Medical Experts! We look forward to guiding you to the perfect medical legal experts for your case.

Henry Masterbone
Henry Masterbone
Sanja Nikoloski
Sanja Nikoloski
Dr. Azza Ezzat DNP, RN, FNP-BC
Dr. Azza Ezzat DNP, RN, FNP-BC
Homestead and its professionals do an outstanding job. They work hard to identify and screen experts and then coordinate and follow through on every aspect of the expert's work. As a practicing trial lawyer with 25 years' experience in personal injury litigation, I can say without reservation this is the best experience I have ever had with the process from finding and retaining, to workup, to disclosure, and beyond.
Colleen Post
Colleen Post
Brian J. Daly
Brian J. Daly
Samuel Goldfarb
Samuel Goldfarb
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Zachary Feinberg
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Heather Gerenza
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Jeff Dillon

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