Medical Experts For Your Legal Matter

Homestead Medical Experts connects experienced, qualified medical experts with attorneys and insurance carriers for their cases. We will recruit and arrange complimentary conference calls with the prospective experts of your choice.   You only pay when you’re ready to retain your expert. 

Vetted Experts

Our professionals are all vetted medical experts in their fields and are sourced from around the country, so you can be sure that Homestead Medical Experts will get you in touch with expert witnesses on any topic you might require.

Specialized Recruitment

At Homestead Medical Experts, we ensure our clients get the right expert for their case even if that means we need to recruit.  Our specialized recruitment team will quickly track down, vet and communicate with the right expert.

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Expert Witnesses

We have a strong, highly-qualified network of medical experts to serve as your medical legal expert witness.

Medical Exams

We have over a thousand providers nationwide who perform independent medical exams, psych exams among other medical exam.

Record Reviews

Homestead knows that a thorough medical record review for deviations in standard of care is an extremely important part of your medical malpractice case. 

Case Management

Free case management is included with every expert that is retained from Homestead Medical Experts.  

Specialized Recruitment

Our specialized recruitment team will quickly find, vet and communicate with the right medical experts for your case.

Case Merit

Our team will analyze the medical records and access if the case has merit all while keeping your deadlines in mind.

All Types of Medical Experts

We have a network of actively practicing board-certified medical experts in every specialty with some of our most frequently used below:


Free Consultations

Our Partners

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Seak - The Expert Witness Training Company
ABA Journal

Trust & Value

Our team is constantly trying to deliver on both our trust and the value we deliver to our clients.  Some ways we give back to our clients through

  • Referring Cases to Our Clients
  • Weekly Blog Content
  • Dedicated Case Manager


“Thank you, Seth. I really enjoy working with your group and will send another email to my office reminding them about your service and how great you have all been to work with.

“Incredibly responsive and quick turnaround when I need it the most.  Sometimes I can speak with an expert the same day”

Homestead Experts find and provide quality experts fast.  Their staff is friendly, responsive, and wants to learn about the types of experts I want to work with.

Will absolutely use you again. Really like the way you guys operate.

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