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Expert Witnesses:

ACLS Instruction Expert Witness
Acupuncture Expert Witness
Addiction Medicine Expert Witness
Adolescent Medicine Expert Witness
Adolescent Psychiatry Expert Witness
Adult Congenital Heart Disease Expert Witness
Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology Expert Witness
Allergy Expert Witness 
Alternative Medicine Expert Witness
Ambulatory Medicine Expert Witness
Anesthesiology Expert Witness
Assisted Living Admin Expert Witness
Audiology Expert Witness
Autopsy or Forensic Pathology Expert Witness
Bariatric Medicine Expert Witness
Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Expert Witness
Breast Implant Expert Witness
Burn Medicine Expert Witness
Cardiac Surgery Expert Witness
Cardiologist Expert Witness
Cardiothoracic Surgery Expert Witness
Cardiovascular Disease Expert Witness
Certified Nurse Anesthetist Expert Witness
Child Abuse Expert Witness
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Expert Witness
Chiropractic Expert Witness
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Expert Witness
Clinical Informatics Expert Witness
Clinical Neurophysiology Expert Witness
Colorectal Surgery Expert Witness
Complex Family Planning Expert Witness
Complex General Surgical Oncology Expert Witness
Congenital Cardiac Surgery Expert Witness
COVID-19 Experts in Workers’ Compensation Claims Expert Witness
COVID-19 Medical Expert Witness 
Craniofacial Surgery Expert Witness
Critical Care Expert Witness
Critical Care Surgery Expert Witness
Cytopathology Expert Witness
Dermatology Expert Witness
DNA Testing & Analysis Expert Witness
Electrophysiology Expert Witness
Emergency Medicine Expert Witness
Endocrinology Expert Witness
Environmental Medicine Expert Witness
Epidemiology Expert Witness
Epilepsy Expert Witness
ER Expert Witness
Family Medicine Expert Witness
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Expert Witness
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness
Forensic Psychology Expert Witness
Functional Capacity Evaluator Expert Witness
Gastroenterology Expert Witness
Genetics Expert Witness
Geriatric Medicine Expert Witness
Gynecologic Oncology Expert Witness
Gynecology Expert Witness
Hematology Expert Witness
Hepatology Expert Witness
Hospice Medicine Expert Witness
Hospital Medicine (Hospitalist) Expert Witness
Hyperbaric Medicine Expert Witness
Industrial Medicine Expert Witness
Infectious Disease Expert Witness
Internal Medicine Expert Witness
Interventional Cardiology Expert Witness
Interventional Radiology Expert Witness
JCAHO Expert Witness
Maternal–Fetal Medicine Expert Witness
Medical-Legal Expert Witness
Microbiology Expert Witness
Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery Expert Witness
Molecular Genetic Pathology Expert Witness
Naturopathy Expert Witness
Neonatology Expert Witness
Nephrologist Expert Witness
Neurocritical Care Expert Witness
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Expert Witness
Neurology Expert Witness
Neuromuscular Medicine Expert Witness
Neuropsychiatry Expert Witness
Neuropsychology Expert Witness
Neuroradiology Expert Witness
Neurosurgeon Expert Witness
Neurosurgery Expert Witness
Neurotology Expert Witness
Nuclear Medicine Expert Witness
Nuclear Radiology Expert Witness
Nurse Midwifery Expert Witness
Nursing Expert Witness – All Subspecialties
Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) Expert Witness
Occupational Medicine Expert Witness
Occupational Therapy Expert Witness
Oculoplastic Surgery Expert Witness
Odontology Expert Witness
Oncologic Surgery Expert Witness
Oncology Expert Witness
Ophthalmology Expert Witness
Opioids Expert Witness
Optometry Expert Witness
Oral Surgery Expert Witness
Orthopaedic Surgery Expert Witness
Osteopathic Medicine Expert Witness
Otolaryngology Expert Witness
Pain Management Expert Witness
Pain Medicine Expert Witness
Palliative Care Expert Witness
Paramedic Expert Witness
Pathology Expert Witness
Pediatric Expert Witness
Perinatology Expert Witness
Pharmacology Expert Witness
Physiatry Expert Witness
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Expert Witness
Physical Therapy Expert Witness
Physicians Assistant Expert Witness
Plastic Surgery Expert Witness
Podiatry Expert Witness
Prison Medicine Expert Witness
Prosthetics and Orthotics Expert Witness
Psychiatry Expert Witness Expert Witness
Psychology Expert Witness
Public Health Expert Witness
Pulmonologist Expert Witness
Radiation Oncology Expert Witness
Radiation Physicist Expert Witness
Radiology Expert Witness 
Radiology Technician Expert Witness
Rehabilitation Expert Witness
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Expert Witness
Respiratory Therapy Expert Witness
Rheumatology Expert Witness
Sleep Medicine Expert Witness
Speech Pathology Expert Witness
Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Expert Witness
Sports Medicine Expert Witness
Surgical Critical Care Expert Witness
Telemedicine Expert Witness
Thoracic Surgery Expert Witness Expert Witness
Transplant Hepatology Expert Witness
Transplant Surgery Expert Witness
Trauma Surgery Expert Witness
Ultrasonography Expert Witness
Urogynecology Expert Witness
Urology Expert Witness 
Valuation Economist Expert Witness
Vascular Neurology Expert Witness
Vascular Surgery Expert Witness
Veterinary Medicine Expert Witness
Wilderness Medicine Expert Witness
Wound Care Expert Witness