Find Certified Medical Expert Witnesses For Malpractice Lawsuits

Finding qualified medical professionals who have experience in giving courtroom testimonials can be hard.

Thankfully, that’s where Homestead Medical Experts excels. The team can help you locate and recruit reliable medical expert witnesses anywhere in the country.

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As part of their service, Homestead Medical Experts offers medical exams and record reviews. Combined, these solutions allow you to determine if a case has merit as well as gather pertinent medical details required to build a solid legal case quickly.

As you know, finding and vetting expert witnesses can be a time-consuming process – even if you have a team of lawyers. Homestead Medical Experts solves this problem by offering a streamlined expert witness recruiting program that grants you access to an extensive network of medical professionals. The agency has over 10,000 experts on its record and can provide at least one qualified professional in every specialty in almost all states across the US.

All the practitioners in the agency’s database are actively practicing, insured, licensed, and board-certified. Each professional is thoroughly vetted and is experienced in giving unbiased expert opinions in a highly pressurized environment, like the courtroom.

If you need a professional who is not currently on the company’s database, the team will locate, vet, and recruit one accordingly. They also source non-medical expert witnesses, such as engineers, among others.

Homestead Medical Experts only charges for their services when you are ready to move forward with an expert witness. The service comes with a free case management plan to facilitate smooth communication between you and the medical professional.

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