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Expert Witnesses

Homestead Medica Experts has established a strong, highly-qualified network of medical professionals to serve as your expert witness


Medical Exams

We have over 250 providers nationwide who perform independent medical exams, psych exams among other medical exams


Record Reviews

Thorough medical record review is an extremely important part of your case.  Allow our grop of qualified professionals to review your case

Case Management

Free case management is included with every expert that is retained from Homestead Experts.  It's just another way we are settings ourselves apart from the pack


Retention Evaluations

The retention evaluation is a series of questions asked of an individual that obtain information about their physical, pyschological and social history


Case Merit

Homestead Medical Experts core team will analyze the medical records and access if the case has merit all while keeping your deadlines in mind

Our Practices

Medical Malpractice

Allow our physicians to determine whether or not standard of care was deviated in your possible medical malpractice case. 


Personal Injury

Our experienced doctors have all worked on personal injury cases and understand the intricacies associated with a personal injury case.


Criminal Law

Most of our experts work on criminal law cases. We also have a team of nurses and social workers that can help perform risk assessments on clients who have recently been arrested. 

Workman's Comp

Workman’s Compensation cases are involved, timely cases. Allow our doctors to perform an Independent Medical Exam and issue you a report to use in your workman’s comp claim.

Medical Billing

We have a team of medical billing specialists and administrators who can assist in deciphering large stacks of billing claims. Allow us to help you make sense of it all.


If you have administrative component to your case, we have hospital and busieness administrators in our network of medical experts and professionals.

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