Advocate for your client by

documenting low-risk factors for court

Allow our team of licensed social workers to perform interviews on your client and their collateral to create an objective report outlining your clients low-risk factors.


We have a team of licensed social workers who are on-call for reports that are needed within 48 hours.


Standard reports are done within 72 hours or day of retention hearing. Non-emergent options available for 7-10 day turnaround. 

Coverage Area

We are proudly serving all of New Jersey and our licensed social workers are strategically placed throughout.

The Process

Step 1

Easily submit an intake form available on our website, all you need to do is collect the required information and return via fax or e-mail.

We will need information pertaining to the defendant and the crime as well as name and contact information for all collateral to be interviewed. Once we receive the pertinent information, we can begin the process.

Step 2

A licensed social worker will be assigned the case and depending on the urgency of the case begin work right away. 

Next, we contact all collateral parties authorized by the defendant. These collateral parties will be contacted by telephone and interviewed as well. Three attempts will be made to contact all collateral. 

Step 3

After our social worker has completed the interviews, we will contact you immediately. We will relay our findings, or alert you of issues we may have encountered. We will then prepare a narrative report.

The narrative report will be faxed to the attorney and available for download immediately. 

Standard Evaluation Includes

Phone call/Zoom interview of defendant, phone calls to collateral(s) and narrative report. 

*Hourly services available as well.



“I have yet to have a court detain a defendant once it receives a report – it humanizes the client” -Barry, Esq.

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