Medical Expert Recruiter Helps Lawyers Hire Geriatric Doctors As Witnesses

In the courtroom, attorneys who have the most compelling evidence will emerge victorious. And expert testimony may just be the crucial evidence you need. Luckily, Homestead Medical Experts can help you get the legal edge you need.

The company matches you with professionals who can provide medical exams and record reviews in support of your lawsuit. You do not pay a recruitment fee; rather, you are billed a retainer only after you have selected an expert.

Experts sourced through this service can also evaluate the merits of your case and determine if it will stand in court. In addition to legal practices, the recruiter caters to insurance companies who wish to accurately determine payouts to policyholders.

Complicated lawsuits often require medical experts who can shed light on technical matters that can determine the outcome of the case. However, hiring a professional who is respected in their field and can provide unbiased opinions can be challenging — especially if you’re a lawyer already handling multiple cases.

As such, Homestead Medical Experts recruits professional witnesses on your behalf so you can focus on preparing for trials. To date, the company has over 1,000 experts on staff, all of whom are carefully vetted before being added to its roster.

You can hire a broad range of high-level experts, including cardiac surgeons, clinical neurophysiologists, endocrinologists, and geriatric doctors, to name a few. Moreover, the recruiter can also source non-medical witnesses such as ballistic or engineering experts. For further convenience, you may submit your case files online for your chosen professional to review.

You may request an initial consultation with the agency so you can better determine which experts you need to hire and what the potential costs might be.

Homestead Medical Experts is a leading witness referral agency established by Seth Lefberg in 2015. To date, it has completed 2,000 medical exams and worked on over 2,500 legal cases. The company has received numerous five-star reviews on Google in recognition of its quality service and fair pricing.

Lefberg says: “The old way of recruiting an expert is antiquated and busy attorneys are looking for business partners that help give them back their time. Our team can source medical experts who are board-certified and have the expertise needed to help win a case.”

Stop recruiting medical expert witnesses on your own so you can do what you do best: win cases! Homestead Medical Experts is here to help you make that happen.

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