Legal services agency announces updated solutions for attorneys seeking expert medical witnesses

The latest move by Homestead Medical Experts helps busy law firms locate and recruit reliable specialists to bolster their legal cases. The agency offers rapid and responsive communication, liaising with attorneys and experts to ensure a smooth and efficient litigation process.

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The recent announcement outlines the broad range of medical professionals that the company can call upon. All witnesses sourced by Homestead are licensed, insured, and fully vetted professionals, offering credible support for medical-related legal action.

The global pandemic brought a new wave of litigations as numerous employees and businesses engage in legal disputes over layoffs and compensation. An article by WSHB highlights the sectors most affected by this trend. These include managed care facilities, big box retailers, and the insurance industry. An increase in injury lawsuits due to negligence has also affected companies, as well as large numbers of hospitals and healthcare clinics.

The Homestead Medical Experts team utilizes cutting-edge software to provide clients with a stress-free experience when sourcing witnesses. The team brings many years of experience within the legal profession and understands the pressures of meeting deadlines in pursuit of settlements.

Each expert on the agency’s books provides a complimentary five to ten-minute phone consultation with attorney clients to ensure they are comfortable with the topic at hand as well as confident enough to communicate information in the pressurized environment of a courtroom or hearing.

Homestead Medical has over 10,000 experts on staff and can provide at least one qualified professional in every specialty in almost all states across the US.

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