RN Medical Merit Reviews – Getting to Merit Cost-Effectively:

RN merit review

Effective RN merit reviews ultimately provide plaintiff attorneys with the ability to answer a client’s central questions regarding their injuries in a cost-effective yet professional manner and with a deliverable.   An RN experienced in legal consulting and reviewing medical records for merit is essential.

Working with Experience:

Not all RNs have the same background, experience, or training.  When conducting medical merit reviews in the context of litigation, length of service, experience in working with attorneys, the educational and work history of the RN all impact the certitude they can provide a determination.   Because merit is rarely clear at intake, attorneys are faced with retaining a fully boarded MD or DO to review, investing $2000- $6000 in that process only to later be told they don’t have a case worth moving forward with.   Conversely, retaining an RN who can perform the same functions at a small fraction of the cost is often a better solution.

What is the RN Merit Review?

RN Medical Merit reviews typically (but not necessarily) involve a brief conversation between the attorney and the RN on the matter to be reviewed and to evaluate the available records and if any additional records might be necessary. Following the initial call, records will be shared with the RN and the review will begin.   The RN reviews the records for merit and deviations from the standard of care while also evaluating how easily causation can be determined to specific actions by specific medical personnel.

Following the review and determination, a “good” RN Merit Review partner should provide the attorney with both a verbal and/or written report of the findings to be included with the case file or to be supplied to the family as deliverable answers to their key questions.   A “great” RN Merit Review will also provide the attorney with referrals to experts who are available to complete an Affidavit of Merit or a full review to be included in the court records, as well as depo and testimony.

When an RN Can Help (and when they may not be able to help):

The ability of an RN to review a matter for merit is limited to the knowledge of the RN and areas of medicine that are covered by an RN.  EMT and ER triage protocols, surgery standards, stroke and sepsis-related matters, Nursing home, and rehab standards are all well within an RN merit review scope.   Topics that involve traumatic brain injury, neurological issues, and psychology may fall outside the RN merit review and would require a medical specialist to determine merit and care standards.   A quick conversation with your RN partner will provide clarity.

Bottom Line:

Getting answers for injured families can be done quickly and cost-effectively by utilizing the RN Medical Merit Review.  Consider retaining the services of an experienced RN Legal Case reviewer who can provide both a verbal and/or written report on the findings.  The right service can also provide referrals following the review, saving attorneys (and firm staff) the time of sourcing and vetting specialized medical professionals.

About Homestead Medical Experts RN Merit Reviews:

Homestead Medical Experts is proud to work with our staff RN, Topper Kramer.  Mr. Kramer has almost 40 years of experience as an EMT/Paramedic, Flight Medic, and RN, including critical care and military hospital experience.  He holds 3 Undergraduate degrees, 2 Masters’ Degrees and over 10 RN Licenses and certifications.  In addition, he is scheduled to earn his paralegal certificate shortly.  His roles have included Chief of the Local Volunteer Fire Department, Director in several RN settings and medical institutions, and is an inductee to the Maryland Firefighter Hall of Fame.

His reviews are typically completed within 14 days and include a verbal and/or written report of his findings.  Based on the average number of records, the reviews can be completed for under $500 and help attorneys provide the answers clients deserve.  Any review found to have merit will include referrals from our recruiters to professionals who can complete the Affidavit/Certificate of Meri, a full review and report, and depositions/testimony as the case proceeds.  He also provides medical chronologies on disjointed medical records.  Call Homestead Medical Experts for details and to get started with your next merit review.

About Homestead Medical Experts:

Homestead Medical Experts connects experienced, qualified medical experts with attorneys and insurance carriers for their case needs. We personally recruit and arrange complimentary conference calls with the prospective experts of your choice.   You only pay when you’re ready to retain your expert.  Homestead Medical Experts is based in Princeton NJ and works with attorneys throughout the United State.  We offer concierge recruiting on both medical and nonmedical experts and welcome all attorney requests.

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